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My new book  will be out this summer . . . 

Persephone's Revolution: Pluto's Path to the End of Empire 

. . . published through Revelore Press.

Shooting Star

That stirring we all feel,
that move toward group-consciousness,
is the biosphere of Earth becoming aware of its existence.
It is being born.
We are waking up.
~Paul Williams, Das Energi

Astrology with Rosie Finn

Welcome to my new site! 

I am an astrologer and intuitive practicing in Olympia, Washington since 1996.
I do both Western and Vedic astrology, dive into Esoteric astrology and love talking to the stars.


Astrology Readings

Astrology sessions with Rosie include both Western and Vedic astrology. Explore your purpose in three ways: spiritual, soul, and vocation. Look at transits and timing, past, present, and future.


There are no talks scheduled at this time. But not to worry. There are more coming.


Vedic Deep Dive from October 2024 to the Spring of 2026.

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