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Rosanne "Rosie" Finn has been a full-time practicing astrologer since 1999. She combines western astrology, esoteric astrology and her new love, Vedic astrology. She completed her Jyotish Visharada (Vedic astrology) training with Dennis Flaherty in 2022. Her sessions start with a Western astrology perspective on purpose and soul-work, and then move into Vedic astrology. Paying attention to both systems without combining them, she looks for synchronicities and alignments between the two.


Rosie grew up in New Jersey, the oldest of eight kids and attended Alfred University graduating with a degree in ceramic engineering. Her first engineering job with Manville Corporation in Denver included designing high temperature kiln insulation. During her time in Denver, she started to do yoga and meditate.  In August of 1988, she went to lecture given by Yogi Amrit Desai and had an awakening moment. Her entire life changed in five minutes. She walked out of the talk and everything looked brighter. Within two months she was living at Kripalu Yoga  ashram in the Berkshires. Four years later, she left.

She spent a year in Boston at Lesley College studying expressive arts therapy and another year in deep therapy focused on core and bio-energetics. While working in a macrobiotic restaurant, she took an astrology class with Joseph Crane and had the most magical astrology reading with Wendy Ashley. This began her work with astrology.

She left Boston right after the 4th of July fireworks and began a journey into the unknown. After selling all her stuff and saying many good-byes, she drove following her intuition. In mid-August 1995, she landed in Olympia, Washington, which she immediately recognized as her home. There she found work at the local herb store, Radiance Herbs and Massage, a free place to live in a cabin on the water and a supportive community.

In 1996, she did an astrology reading for a few friends, who told their friends, who told her to start charging and the rest of her work as an astrologer unfolded from there. 

In 2014, after both of her parents passed away, she took some time off to work on a couple of book projects. While working on a book on Sacred Geometry (still to be finished), she desired to understand the 9th harmonic better and knew Vedic astrology was particularly fond of the 9th harmonic. What started as a cursory study of this form of astrology led to a mentorship course with Dennis Flaherty. In August of 2022, she completed the Jyotish Visharada certification with the Council of Vedic Astrology.

She has had the great joy and privilege to teach astrology, to be part of astrology groups, to feel embraced by community and to meet so many people doing extraordinary work on this planet. She has done readings for thousands of clients and taught hundreds. She gets to feel hopeful everyday, meeting new people doing new and interesting work to help humanity.


Jo Mortinson, Rosie's Assistant


Jo is a musician, designer, Sagittarius, and Rosie’s assistant. Growing up in Olympia, he was introduced to astrology at an early age through his grandmother CJ who worked as a medium and spiritual mentor. As a teen, he worked as her assistant, learning skills in business and design while exploring new spiritual practices and developing his intuition. He met Rosie during this time when he received a chart reading as a gift from his grandmother.


Jo studied design at the University of Washington for a year before his passion for music led him to Portland State University. He will graduate in June 2024 with a Bachelor of Science in Sonic Arts and Music Production. He has worked on various projects as a sound engineer, editor, producer, event organizer, composer, and graphic designer. Outside of his work, he finds joy in doing moon rituals, spending time with his cats, organizing for social justice, and creating art. In addition to Rosie, you may hear from Jo or see him assisting with talks or courses.

Rosie Finn, Astrologer
Jyotish Visharada, CVA

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